I’m Sally, the artistic force behind The Crafting Jones. I am an enthusiastic, sentimental crafter, based in Sheffield in the UK, offering high-quality, original and personalised shabby and geek chic products to enhance the beauty of peoples’ homes and lives; to give them a real feeling of enjoyment and pleasure. My passion is to create a sense of warmth and togetherness, with personalised boutique art. Find more about me here.




Start date: 29/02/2020

End date: 01/03/2020

Location: Arnos Manor Hotel, Bristol

Mon 18 Feb Concord


Start date: 13/03/2020

End date: 15/03/2020

Location: Harrogate Convention Centre



Date: 28/03/2020

Location: Ecclesfield School, Sheffield


7 Hills

Start date: 04/04/2020

End date: 05/04/2020

Location: Garrison Hotel, Sheffield

7 Hills Seven

National Student Gaming & Roleplaying Championships 2020

Start date: 24/04/2020

End date: 26/04/2020

Location: The University of Sheffield Students’ Union

NSGRC National Students

UK Games Expo

Start date: 29/05/2020

End date: 31/05/2020

Location: NEC, Birmingham



The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
New Faerie Aurora dice! 💜Look at the pretty glittery rainbowy 🌈 sparkles! ✨ Ooooohhhhh.... 😍
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
After a tearful farewell to my Mini Monty a couple of weeks ago 😢, I'd like to introduce you to the newest ✨, biggest 🐘 and whizziest 🚙 member of The Crafting Jones team: Geralt Galahad! 💜

Props if you get the name inspiration.... 😂
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
Whooooo! 🎉 So excited to play my first DnD Warlock tonight! 😍

Fey Patron called Sparkle? Don't mind if I do! 💜

Apparently I have a theme.... 😂
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
No sleep, hospital visits and trying (and failing!) to do 37 things at once means that I've still not unpacked from Meeples Summit, and my house looks like this…. 🤯
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
Couldn't ask for better stall neighbours at Meeples Summit 2020 than TAU Gaming - Scarborough, ToyToyjac, Emmanuel's Collective and Board Game Hub! 💜

Check out their gorgeous gaming geekiness! 😍
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
Ready for Meeples Summit 2020! 🎉 I'm wondering if we're going to have a special guest though?!? 😍


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