I’m Sally, the artistic force behind The Crafting Jones. I am an enthusiastic, sentimental crafter, based in Sheffield in the UK, offering high-quality, original and personalised shabby and geek chic products to enhance the beauty of peoples’ homes and lives; to give them a real feeling of enjoyment and pleasure. My passion is to create a sense of warmth and togetherness, with personalised boutique art. Find more about me here.



Airecon 2021

Start date: 05/03/2021

End date: 07/03/2021

Location: Harrogate Convention Centre


UK Games Expo 2021

Start date: 04/06/2021

End date: 06/06/2021

Location: NEC, Birmingham


Tabletop Scotland 2021

Start date: 20/08/2021

End date: 22/08/2021

Location: Dewars Centre, Perth

Tabletop Scotland


The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
Happy Birthday 🥳 Frankie Manning, and to all swing dancers - have a wonderful World Lindy Hop Day! 🎉

I’m celebrating 💜 by practising the Shim Sham for the Shim Sham Relay tonight! 💃
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
Last year I thought working on my birthday would be crap, but celebrating with 25000 people was fab! 🎉 And thanks to those who made it extra special. 💜

It’s my bday in a week, and I’m hunting for ideas to make me less sad about spending it alone - any suggestions welcome! 😊
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
Towel in my hand, lilacs in my hair! 💜

Might have a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster with my hard boiled egg for tea tonight… 🥚🍹

So long, and thanks for all the books! 📚
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
It took all my Monday Motivation, but I've started an 8 week workout program! 💪

Though whales 🐳 are magnificent creatures, it would be nice not to look like one…. 😂

I may update with progress. It depends how long it takes me to give up and eat chips! 🍟

(*throwing a bone to those of you counting on my alliteration to know what day it is! 😂)
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
Ok this is my last day of alliteration, because my brain is dead 🤯 and I'm all out of wittiness. 🤪

You'll have to find some other way of keeping track of what day of the week it is…. 🤣
The Crafting Jones
The Crafting Jones
At the end of a long week I'm so pleased that today is Snuggly Sunday! 🥰

And as I have my best Tapir pal with me, I guess it's Snuffle Sunday too! 💜

Virtual blanket fort snuggles anyone…? 😂


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