Welcome to The Crafting Jones, thank you for visiting!

I’m Sally, the artistic force behind The Crafting Jones. I am an enthusiastic, sentimental crafter, based in Sheffield in the UK, offering high-quality, original and personalised shabby and geek chic products to enhance the beauty of peoples’ homes and lives; to give them a real feeling of enjoyment and pleasure. My passion is to create a sense of warmth and togetherness, with personalised boutique art. I take inspiration from a wide range of styles, from vintage to geek to steampunk and I will be adding new product lines over time, so please check back for new items in the future! I lovingly handcraft all of the items in my shop and make sure to package them with care and affection so they arrive with you in the same beautiful condition as they leave my home.I love crafting products that capture memories, bring people together and turn houses into homes. I truly feel like I have the best job as I get to bring happiness into people’s lives and brighten up their day.

Let me share with you how I came to start The Crafting Jones.

In summer 2017 I suffered a traumatic head injury, which caused me to lose consciousness and fit multiple times a day, triggered daily bouts of sickness, and led to intermittent bouts of blindness and deafness which could last hours at a time. These occurrences were terrifying and debilitating and it was a challenge to not become overwhelmed. My injury was initially diagnosed as a concussion, which should pass in a couple of weeks but as time went on and my symptoms did not improve, I felt lost and alone. Every area of my life was affected; I couldn’t complete simple tasks or leave the house by myself, it wasn’t safe to participate in my hobbies like dancing and returning to a 9 to 5 job was impossible.

I was fed up of feeling lonely, useless and unproductive and needed to make a change. After chatting to friends and family about how to regain my independence I decided to take action. I made a flower hair clip to cheer myself up and it did the trick! I have always loved creating things, (probably instilled at my first Rainbow Guide meeting!) and so the idea grew. Bringing beauty into my life through crafting revitalised me, and made me realise there was a way I could be productive and bring joy into other people’s lives too. Starting The Crafting Jones has taught me that there is always a way forward if you clasp your dream and hold on tight.

I started a line of shabby chic products, inspired by my love of vintage and retro style, and my passion for swing dancing, which I often still couldn’t partake in due to ill health. This led to a reinvigoration of other, less physical, hobbies, such as table-top gaming. In September 2018 I created a new line of geek chic products, stimulated by this gaming revival, and my undeniable nerdiness! I would love to craft a gift for you and those closest to you, whether you are celebrating a particular occasion, or just because! So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a special someone, you’re sure to find that perfect gift among my unique selection of crafts, which are all made with love.

Thank you for supporting me, I hope you love your piece as much as I love creating them. Happy shopping!