Wake up to alarm of Come and Get Your Love.

Dance around to the Cantina tune while getting breakfast. They definitely Charleston on Tatooine, so feel totally feel legit.

After showering, wrap hair in towel and check for Vogons. Put contacts in whilst whispering ‘resistance is futile’. Get dressed and wonder if a bowtie goes with the dice earrings I’m wearing. Decide that with this much geek chic, there are no fashion faux pas.

Check post. Still no letter from Hogwarts. Have second breakfast to commiserate.

Set up workbench and get out drill. Spend 10 minutes looking for safety goggles. Consider not using goggles. Remember I like being able to see. Find goggles. Drill dice. Change drill bit. Dissolve melted plastic off drill bits. Repeat. Start to feel woozy from acetone fumes.

Decide to get fresh air and venture out into muggle world to post orders. Wish owls actually collected parcels. Wonder how many packages an owlbear could carry.

Arrive back at snug hobbit hole after stopping at local bakery for elevenses.

Go through emails. Begin all missives with ‘Hello Sweetie’ and end all replies with ‘Live Long and Prosper’. Go on suppliers’ website to restock meeple for keyrings and earrings. Become sad that I can’t afford to spend £5000 on meeple. Feel guilty for deleting cool meeple characters like ninjas from my order. Make note to buy them next time.

Eat luncheon.

Start a game of cardboard box Jenga to get all materials together to complete a personalised order. Share frustrations with Link figurine. Consider taking up
paragliding as a hobby. Rename box stack ‘Mount Doom’. Finally return all boxes to original positions. Realise forgot one key item. Curse internally. Repeat box Jenga. Wish boxes were as easy to stack as Lego, and laugh at irony, as custom order involves similar construction bricks.
After making and shipping personalised item, with minor burns from glue gun, schlep across town to bank to pick up cash float required for convention at weekend. Wish owned 7 League boots. Consider groin strain implications. Wish for Portable Door instead.

Enjoy delightful afternoon tea.

Update my online shop with playing card hair clips. Hope Diamond King of Trolls appreciates my homage. Deal with unfortunate troll of the internet variety. Definitely less sparkly. Channel Peggy Carter. I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter. Reply to derogatory comments with ‘You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means’.

Make chicken, leek and mushroom pie for dinner. Get distracted and try to learn the Hatsune Miku leek dance. Fail miserably. Console self with delicious pie. Which has crust all the way around – no stews with lids in this house.

Head out to meet friends at local board game cafe. Realise it feels like winter is coming back, so to stave off the chill, I wear my cloak of protection. As I aim to misbehave, I get the gins in while we decide what to play. Have many rousing games; travel on trains, build settlements, enter the smog, get quirky, and discover how small the world really is! Drink more gin. Rhubarb flavoured. Om nom.

Return home. Have a light supper of fish fingers, followed by custard. Put on unicorn jammies.
Snuggle in bed. Relax listening to The Princess Bride audiobook and conclude life is fairer than death.

Fall asleep pondering when I shall wear midnight.